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This project started in 2019 before Corona was raging worldwide. I send small copper plates to artists around the world, ask them to bury it in a familiar place, and then dig it up a few months later and send  it back. They are then printed as copperplate prints. The artwork is created with the story of the person who buried it.
Due to the covid-19, the project was delayed significantly, but eventually 49 plates were buried. Some were lost in the soil, some were lost in the mail, and some were lost in the fire, but in the end, 43 copper plates were returned and printed.


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​→ Why Copper plate?

It is said that American Indians believe that everything that happens to the place around them happens to "me. In other words, "pieces of me" exist in the soil, water, and air of the place where we live, and moreover, the memories and time of the place that lead to me exist in various forms.

Soil and water contain various fragments of life, and by burying a copper plate in them, the copper reacts with the essence of nature and leaves a vague pattern. The main purpose of this project is to print out these signs.





作品 2017年9月Joigny 展覧会 - 1 / 1.jpeg

Izoomi Momose

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